Hastings Explores the Sandbars, Beaches and Trails of Powell Cay

walking the sandbar at low tide, Powell Cay, Abaco Islands, Bahamas
Powell Cay Sandbar
My parents are the worst, as I'm sure you know. They have a word that could mean torture or fun. This word encompasses everything from "trips to the vet"  to "paddle boarding on a death trap". So when they say "adventure", I can only hope they mean "cheeseburger" and not "5 days at sea". 

In some ways I was relieved when they pulled up to an uninhabited island. No vet here! But then I sniffed the air and smelled only healthy nature. No snack shop for this poor downtrodden beast. Sigh. 

"Let's go on an adventure" they said. "It will be fun", they said. So we dinghyed over to a sandbar and I was bored to tears. The Long Haired Interloper was fascinated by creatures, some dead, some living. 
sand dollar, sand bar, flats, Powell Cay, Abaco Islands, Bahamas
Sand dollar on the sandbar
red star fish in the shallow waters off Powell Cay, Abaco Islands, Bahamas
Sea Star!
You know how many beaches I have been to? Like 1,000. They are all the same. It was hot in the sun. No snacks were provided. 
Bored due to boring boredom.
"Let's go an adventure" they said. "You'll like this one!" they said. I hesitated. I could stay home, enjoy the breeze, and search for hidden food while these two have their own adventure..... but my leadership drive kicked in, and I reluctantly joined them.  

"Beach trail" Ahh, next to cheeseburgers a wooded trail is the best adventure a dog could ask for!  
Ocean Beach trail! I love to blaze a trail! 
The trail is totally shaded and I smelled so many smells. Heaven! 
Blazing the trail
Of course, the trail didn't end in a snack shop, but beach #1,037. Oh well, can't win them all! 
Beach #1,037

The LHI is headed into a hobbit hole....is this a good idea? 
It's a jungle!
I was fascinated by this hermit crab. What would it be like to carry your home around on your back? Why doesn't he want to play? 
Hermit Crab!
And then, just like that, the adventure was over. Back to living in the sunshine, sea side. 

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  1. Poor Hastings. Beaches are so hot and sandy. Totally unsuitable for a dog of your caliber.


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