Road Trip: Blue Ridge Parkway Waterfalls, North Carolina

We couldn't resist renting a car and driving to the mountains. Mission: Waterfalls!

Our first stop was Boone, N.C. We then drove south on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic mountain drive (East Coast mountains = 3,000 ft tall). Blowing Rocks is a very small, paid attraction consisting of a rock and garden. 
Blowing Rock, N.C.
Front entrance - so sweet! 
Blowing Rock, North Carolina
Blowing Rock (Hastings is usually a mountain goat but refused to climb the rock with me)
Wild Weeds
Flowers that aren't wilting in unrelenting heat! How lovely!
Our next stop was Linville Falls, a very popular spot.
Lower Linville Falls
Lower Linville Falls
Upper Linville Falls
Hastings loves a good hike in the woods!
Upper Linville Falls
Next up: Looking Glass Falls. It's about 3 steps from the parking lot and again, very popular. 
Looking Glass Falls
We were surrounded by beautiful fallen flowers
Moore Cove Falls
 For our final hike, we set off on the three mile Triple Falls Loop. Both High Falls and Triple Falls were featured in a Hunger Games movie and The Last of the Mohicans.
High Falls
Matt at work (Linville Falls) 
Matt and Hastings at Triple Falls
In the Clouds!
Do you have a favorite scenic highway? 

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  1. Beautiful scenery! That first photo is very cute as well. I'm glad you are doing some fun things and everyone is getting exercise during your boat projects! Now that we are in New Mexico, 3000 ft mountains appear small! :-)

    We descended Sandia Peak (maybe Matt knows the Sandia Mountains?), which is over 10,000 feet, on Sunday. It was an incredibly long and hot walk and our muscles are still hurting! Not as green as North Carolina! :-)

    1. Yes, Matt knows it well. His family is from the four corners area. He told me NM is just dirt, and I couldn't fathom exactly how brown it is until I saw it for myself. Beautiful in a desolate way, but I do love to see trees.

  2. Beautiful waterfalls! Do we have a favorite scenic highway? Indeed we do: Beartooth Pass in Montana.


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