ICW Day 2: 90 miles from Pamlico River, Across Albermarle Sound and into North River

Day 2: 3 Rivers, 1 sound, 90 statute miles
This trip was pretty much a delivery trip to the Chesapeake Bay. We weren't sight seeing or looking for the best anchorages. However, the North Carolina ICW is beautiful and we couldn't help but love it! It's nothing like the ICW in South Florida - there are no celebrity houses, no bridges every mile, and hardly any other boats. We had the jib sail up the whole day and had perfect weather to sail Albermarle Sound at dusk. 
Matt made Alton's scrambled eggs V3 and Mr. Crunchy toast for breakfast
I enjoyed motor sailing on a perfect day while Matt changed out the joker valve on the toilet (nasty job)
Very little traffic on the ICW, but we did see (and avoid!) this barge.
Sunset over the Albermarle Sound. Sunlight sure is helpful when you're in crab pot land.
Oh look, there's a crab pot in this otherwise lovely shot
Night time ICW ops. Like fun, only different.
Random Notes:

  • The ICW past the Albermarle Sound was prety rough but we managed to anchor at the mouth of the North River and get out of the wind. 
  • Hastings had a total meltdown while I was trying not to hit crab pots and insisted on dinner. He has priorities!
  • We saw 1 other sailboat in the distance, and 1 barge. It's lonely out here! 
  • We anchored at about 9:15PM after 14 hours on the water and 90 statute miles.  
  • We didn't hit any crabpots. Mostly luck! 

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  1. Changing the joker valve is a gruesome job. I know because it's one of my jobs. Ick. Ick. Ick.

    The thought of not having a bridge every mile - that sounds like heaven.

    1. Yes! I think Matt volunteers because he can't take the whining and crying that would happen if it were my job!
      We really like the ICW up here....it's different and if you weren't in a rush there are plenty of random towns and stops to make.

  2. Anywhere is better than Florida when it comes to boat traffic and bridges. :-) Am I getting this right: are you guys heading north, instead of south as autumn approaches?

    1. We're just getting a late start on summer cruising! We came to the Chesapeake Bay and hauled out....can you guess...leaky escape hatches and sail drive issues...

  3. Ha ha! I'm making Mr. Crunchy for dinner tonight! Unlike Matt, I'm too lazy to cook like that in the morning (or at noon . . . and oftentimes at night, lol).

    1. Matt was on a roll this day....after we had dinner at 9:30 he made the bread pudding. We added chocolate chips to that recipe. Another winner!


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