DC-3 Wreck and Bullocks Harbour Anchorage

Today's exciting route: DC3 Wreck off Rat's Cay to Great Harbor Cay Marina
February 20th and 21st
We ended up moving around from the western shore of Cistern Cay to the "DC3 Wreck". Unfortunately, this new spot hid all the cruise ship activity from view, so my "What are the jet-skiers up to now" spreadsheet has been abandoned. 
Squall at sunset.
Hastings is our pet goat, climbing around the rocks at low tide
We attempted to leave Hastings on the boat to nap in the shade, but he insisted on supervising the DC-3 snorkel. Good job he has a servant to provide him a shade umbrella.
DC-3 Wreck just under the water, in about 6 feet
Supposedly, the wreck is from 1983 and has something to do with a drug run gone bad
The fishes enjoy it!
Dinghying around
Clear water at the beach for shell viewing
The weather forecast called for a low pressure system with 50 knot winds in squalls. We weren't near a protected anchorage, so we headed to Great Harbor Cay Marina. As you can see from the map above, it's super protected - you enter through a blasted out channel that is unseen until you are upon it. Then you traverse through 2 harbors before reaching the 3rd harbor containing the marina. 
Hastings sniffing out the route!
Bullocks Harbour
Through the blasted out channel
The marina is like a mini retirement community for cruisers. Mondays are pot-luck, Tuesdays are bread delivery day and a dinghy drift, Wednesday is deli order day, and Thursday is $25 pizza day. What larks!

We didn't have the pizza, BTW. Although we did spring for $13 cheeseburgers. They were worth it! What's the most expensive pizza you have ever eaten? Was it worth it? 

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  1. From what people have told us the weather has not been so great in the Bahamas this year. It's even been hard to find a weather window to get over there.

    1. Yeah, we struggled to get a good weather window and we've done a lot of waiting for better weather. But we have had many many glorious days and the bad weather days get us caught up on projects. We're expecting 4 days of 30plus knot winds here, before it settles to only 20 for a few days- but then it should be nice for a few days. The winter and constant cold fronts are definitely an issue.... we're glad we are planning on staying here for April May and June when the cold fronts should be gone, and before the hurricanes get here!

  2. It wasn't the most expensive pizza, but some of the best pizza I've had was from Pizza Hut, if you can believe that. The company was founded in my hometown and back in the 70s (before it got too big), the pizza was delicious. I've been trying for years to get my sauce recipe as good as theirs but haven't figured it out yet -- it's fun trying though.

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. The sauce is key! We had the best pizza at a restaurant in Ocracoke - I think it had lots of sugar, wine and basil. We've been trying to replicate it but can't quite get it - it's got to be some sort of illegal drug we're missing!

  3. Making our own delicious pizzas right now, cheap, tasty and healthy, but our most expensive ones in the past were probably when we ordered pizza out with friends or when we had pizza in a restaurant with other friends. Hard to be on a budget when going out for meals with others... :-)

    1. It's Friday night pizza night! It is hard to be on a budget when going out with friends!

    2. Yes! It is Friday night pizza night! Unfortunately, we have to postpone it this week, since Mark has been sick and doesn't feel like eating much... Either Sunday or next week! :-)


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