10 Days in Hoffman's Cay, Berry Islands

It's been so long since a blog post I can't even remember when we were at Hoffman's. Let's say, sometime in February. We spent 10 days there waiting for a front to pass and had 5 days with 20-30 knot winds. Our anchorage was so protected from the east wind that we could still get to the beach to walk Hastings several times a day. Hoffman's Cay was a little tricky to get to with 5-7 foot depths in some places, but it was totally worth it! 

Drone shot of catamaran at anchor, Hoffman's Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
Independence at anchor, Hoffman's Cay. We're on the Banks side, the dark blue water on the other side is Providence Channel, aka the ocean.
Drone shot of Hoffman's Cay, Berry Islands, Bahamas
All these little islands totally remind me of a mini-Fiji. Not that I've ever been to Fiji.  
Hoffman's Blue Hole on Hoffman's Cay, Berry Islands
Hoffman's Blue Hole
Stars over sailboat at anchor, Bahamas
Watching stars on the beach. Approximately 20 billion stars!
Catamarans at anchor under storm clouds, Bahamas
Ah, the storm begins!
We dinghyed down to Little Gaulding Cay, about 1 mile away. Another beautiful beach - and another cave! Someone has also built a little campsite here, making into a Robinson Crusoe island.
Little Gaulding Cay beach

Little Gaulding Cay camp
Contemplating the cave. Hastings really loves caves!
 There's a little cove with a tidal creek that we explored at high tide.
Mangrove Creek
We loved paddling our little cove. So many star fish, rays, and sea turtles. 
We pretty much wanted to live at Hoffman's Cay, but we had a decent weather window open up for our 3 day trip to the Exuma islands and decided to take it. Even though it's not snowing, we're still getting the winter storms from the U.S. It's pretty annoying; there should be some sort of weather wall to keep the bad weather out. 
What's the worst weather you have endured this winter? 

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  1. I think it's fair to say the PNW has had one of the worst winters in years. It's been cold, wet and windy since November but a couple of days ago there was a slight shift and I think we're finally on our way towards spring. Phew!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. I think cold is actually OK, but it's the wet, windy and lack of daylight and sunshine that really got me down when I lived in Alaska. And the way the snow would pile up and turn yellow and gray. Thank goodness winter always comes to an end!

  2. Looks like a very pretty and protected place. And, it looks like you had it all to yourselves! The sand appears to be so soft. Hastings likes caves for their coolness, I assume? Or their smells? We cursed the cold fronts when in the Bahamas, because they keep you on your toes and they make you move into a - less visually attractive - protective harbor once a week or so. Annoying, for sure. The main negative of the Bahamas, and the relative cold water to swim in. Still, gorgeous and beautiful, of course.

    1. The caves are darker and cooler and they probably do smell good! He likes small spaces too - must be a primeval desire for a den. We've pretty much had a front every 5 days, and sometimes the winds last for 4 days, so it's pretty tricky to keep moving and enjoy all the spots. The water has been cold - I've been wearing a wetsuit and then changing into a fleece post swim to warm back up. Matt refuses to swim at all. But, like Stephanie said, it feels like winter is finally clearing off and the cold front we're waiting for tomorrow might be the last one! We can only hope!


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