Sailorman: A Shopping Adventure

Before handing in our car keys, we couldn't resist a trip to Sailorman in Ft. Lauderdale. This place is an adventure. For at least the last year, Sailorman has been claiming that they are moving. How are they ever going to move the approximately 1 million random things they have?

Sailorman Ft Lauderdale
Matt is so overwhelmed he's lost me already! Used paddle boards: $225. Used kayak: $895. 
You won't find A/C here. What will you find? Everything and anything. There are mounds of stuff - new and used, extremely optimistically priced and wonderful bargains. It's a bit overwhelming!

We walked out with: 2 new genoa cars for $59 each. The genoa car saga started 2 years ago. Matt tried to order Harken shivs, however they don't sell their own products. We contacted West Marine, who ordered the shivs from Italy for us for $150 each. They were backordered. They finally arrived....and were the complete wrong thing! Not even close! It was like ordering a chocolate chip cookie and getting a yuckberry health bar. Thankfully West Marine took them back. Harken acted all offended "well, what you want is a shiv with a flux capacitor. You'll have to get those hand made from our Bolivia factory. Please engrave your order onto a $100 commemorative coin that the treasury is selling for $1500 and you'll be all set". 

So we've been searching for a more reasonable alternative. All Matt had to do to get the old cars off (the screws were stripped). There was a lot of very loud beating with a 2x4. I think the Dremel made an appearance too. It sounded like we were under attack by the alien in Alien, but Hastings refused to get up from his nap and investigate. I guess he's used to things being beaten with a 2x4.

Genoa Car on a sailing catamaran
New Genoa Car
We also bought 1 HUGE fender cover, brand new. $10. Must have been a nice yacht. I'm using it to make covers for all the used, ugly fenders I have bought from Sailorman.
Fender Cover on a sailing catamaran
Huge fender cover! 
We bought 1 of these used fenders. Can you believe they cost $75 new? 
Other exciting purchases include: 1 new belt for Lucy. That's right, they have random new and used clothes items. I really thought about the Minnie Mouse windbreaker for $8, but decided against it.
2 fuel filters - good job we got these, none of the West Marines we went to had them in stock! 
New fenders, boxes, and an old engine
Want to sell your used toilet on consignment? You won't even have to clean it! 
Now you have your used toilet, how about some used sewer hose? Yes, please!
This item has seen better days.
Huge new anchor, and plenty of chain to go with it!
Just in case you find yourself next to a frozen lake, you can buy ice skates!
Have you found any good buys lately? What's your favorite store to get lost, confused and amused in? 

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  1. Health bars instead of chocolate chip cookies - yuck indeed!

    Thanks for the glimpse into Sailorman. We've heard a lot about it, but never been there. You got some good deals!

    1. It really is a neat place - and I'm all about finding deals!

  2. I still can't get over the fender cover you bought for $10 -- that thing is crazy big!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. I know! I think I'll have enough left over to make a sleeping bag!

  3. Now, that is a great store to get some useful deals! Well done! It does kind of gross me out to buy a used head or sewer hoses.... That being said, we managed to sell our used holding tank, when we bought a bigger one (new) for Irie many years ago. Not everyone is grossed out by used toilet equipment, luckily.

    1. That's awesome you were able to sell it! Between consignment stores and online listings, it's quite possible to sell random used items these days.


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