Washington, DC

Washington D.C. Sailboat Moorings at night
Washington D.C. Moorings
August 26 - Sep 5th, 2016
We really enjoyed our time in DC. The museums are truly incredible - and free! It’s remarkable to be able to walk in (for free!) and see the Declaration of Independence, the 1903 Wright Flyer, Egyptian mummies, a T-Rex skeleton, or a Da Vinci painting.

6 Days of Seeing the Sights and Sites

  • Star Trek Movie 
  • National Archives Museum 
  • Air and Space Museum (2 days) 
  • Native American Museum 
  • National Art Galley (2 days) 
  • Natural History Museum 
  • Metro to Alexandria 
  • American History Museum 
  • White House (staring at it from the gates- we didn’t plan ahead to get a tour) 
  • the Capitol (staring at it, again no tour) 
  • National WW II Memorial 
  • Washington Monument 
  • Lincoln Memorial 
  • Korean War Memorial 
  • DC War Memorial 
  • MLK Memorial 
  • FDR Memorial 
  • Jefferson Memorial 
  • U.S. Botanic Gardens 
Dragon Boat Racing, Washington Channel
Dragon Boat Races, Washington Channel
Enterprise Studio Model, Air and Space Museum
Enterprise Studio Model
Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.
Air and Space Museum
Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson Memorial

Washington Monument, seen from the Lincoln Memorial

Downton Alexandria, VA
Alexandria, VA
Salt and fat, the secret ingredients to heaven.

That's right, I'm taking pictures of Matt taking pictures. It's a hobby. 

Capitol, Washington, D.C. from the Botanic Garden
the Capitol
the Metro!

U.S. Botanic Garden

Notes for boaters

We were on the Gangplank Moorings ($25 a day), and used their dinghy dock (additional $10 a day). There is no WIFI available at Gangplank (even if you sit in their office and cry). Our last day, we used Capital Yacht Club ($16 a day) to use their WIFI and do laundry. CYC has a lounge, book exchange, bar, and were very friendly and helpful. If we had to do the whole thing over, we would camp out in the “new” anchorage (south of the moorings) and use CYC for dinghy docking.

The Metro is a 5 min walk, as is Safeway. The Metro is easy enough to use - but we still ended up walking 5-10 miles a day! We don’t leave Hastings alone on the boat in the heat, so we connected with a local pet sitter who lived just beyond the Metro station. We walked Hastings there every morning and picked him up in the afternoon; he wagged his little tail like wild when they opened the door (they had A/C, a couch, and cuddles. What’s not to like?) He also enjoyed D.C. street food: eating trash from the street as we walked. Sigh.

Have you been to D.C.? Do you enjoy museums or would you rather just view the Magna Carta online?

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  1. I love the picture of Lucy with the fries - salt and fat do make everything taste better :-) I went to college in DC and loved living there. So much history, fabulous museums, great food etc. Would be neat to go back one day on the boat.

    1. We went to an Indian restaurant that was amazing! And it was great to have easy public transportation.

  2. I think those fries were bigger then you! Great pictures

    1. Fried salt and fat...or fried sugar and fat...a winning combination! Thanks!

  3. Are you sure it was the Star Trek movie and not Star Wars? :-) DC is an amazing city. I have enjoyed every visit there and the roomyness of the mall area. What's not to like about free museums? I thought the Holocaust Museum and the one of Modern Art (was it Modern Art?) were very interesting and I really am impressed with all the monuments. So awesome you got to visit by boat. I hope to house sit there for a month or so one day.


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