The Mysterious Case of the Missing Husband

Saturday morning sleep in, Oh, how I love you! Matt is allergic to the sleep in, so, while I was annoyed when he leapt up, spoke to the dog, and left the cabin, I was not surprised. Don't worry, I'll go back to sleep. You can't con me out of the sleep-in!

The dog is howling. Matt! Come get the dog! Silence. Matt, you woke him up, he wants to know where you are! Nothing. Fine. I'll get out of bed, destroying the one thing I look forward to each week. I lift Hastings into the salon. He does a complete circumnavigation and reports: No Matt. He's got to be here somewhere Hastings! I despondently confirm Hasting's reports.

Where, oh where did the Chef go? We'll starve if it's up to the British one! 
Fine, I'll walk the dog. Get a bag, find my shoes. No gate key. Where is Matt? Carry the dog down the dock. Maybe Matt got up, snuck out to drive to the French bakery for breakfast? And yet, both cars are in the parking lot. Back to the boat to search it again.

Still no Matt. His phone is here. Maybe he left? Like, walked off for a new identity? Had I overheard him saying goodbye to the dog? The spouses that get left behind on the Hallmark channel always say they had no clue beforehand. They too thought everyone was happy and fine. They too had been thinking their spouse just left to get croissants.

Hastings and I get back into bed, defeated. The boat creaks. Footsteps overhead. Matt peaks his head into the cabin. Look at you two, still in bed! I'm glad, he says, putting down the gate key. I walked to the marina restroom so as not to wake you. I asked Hastings if he wanted to come and he said no; I know how you both love a sleep-in Saturday!
Hastings loves the Saturday morning sleep-in

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