Sailing Lesson 3: ASA 103

Another sailing lesson, another wager: who is going to bleed, what is going to break, who will get the dog in the divorce? 

Before we had any idea that we would actually jump in with an offer on a boat, we had scheduled a Thanksgiving week sailing lesson to complete ASA 103 in St. Petersburg.

Enjoying St. Petersburg
Horse drawn carriage - how romantic!
St. Petersburg Municipal Marina
ASA 103 was pretty much like 101, but more in-depth. We tacked and jibed and did MOB drills, and covered right of way, nav signs and basic navigation.

The second day began with fog, so we took the test while waiting for the sun to burn the fog off. 

Morning fog
We reviewed the previous day's maneuvered and then practiced anchoring and picking up mooring buoys.


We were going to do more docking, but the engine stopped peeing over the side so we called it a day. The instructor started to bleed while cursing at the engine. I magnanimously offered Matt the dog in the divorce.

Our instructor thought we did OK and encouraged us to take a 25 ft sailboat out for day sails. How about we buy a 38 ft catamaran and sail to the Keys for two weeks?

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