Captain Hastings Visits St. Augustine

We really enjoyed our week-long stay in St Augustine. The City Marina had extensive damage from Hurricane Irma this year and had very limited dockage. As a result, they were limiting stays on their mooring balls to one week. That’s probably good because we might have stayed all season. With the dinghy dock at the bottom of the main road through town, and lots of shops and restaurants and bars within walking distance (all of which accepted dollars), we would’ve been broke in no time! Captain Hastings the Boat Dog LOVED St Augustine.
Dinghy trip to explore Salt Run and the Lighthouse
Captain Hastings Visits St. Augustine

Well, it’s happened again dear readers: my humans have proven they are the weirdest people in the world. They brought us to a town full of pirates! Like, I mean, they pulled up and parked us here and basically said, "we surrender!” So yet again, it’s up to me to save them.
Our spot, right by the Castillo! Cannon fire daily off the port bow!
Every day we are bombarded by either musket or cannon fire. A pirate ship regularly patrols the waterway here. We are basically unarmed and I can only bark so much. Bizarro world man.
You do realize that there's a RESTAURANT right there, and they serve FOOD, right!?!?
I, in no way, approve of this behavior.
At night from our mooring ball there was so much to watch and monitor. Tour boats full of tourists would cruise by, blocking our view of the pretty town and lights. The Long Haired one insisted on singing Christmas carols when they passed. I just barked. In other news, the pirate ship passed one night; the crew signing very lewd songs very loudly. Darling Dad felt this was very funny!
View from the boat...so many sounds and smells too!
One of the best things I like about St Augustine: there is horse pee everywhere! It smells so good!
Look at all these people! So many opportunities to be told how cute I am, and also to be asked if I am a cocker spaniel. I am. It’s almost a North Carolina level of love…almost. I only say that because the dog store here didn't have beef liver jerky. Just sayin'. They did provide a smorgasbord of samples of other treats, and they weren't stingy at all with these treats...so I still rate it 5 paws.
A toilet water bowl at the dog store. Or for short people with low standards. A-MAZ-ING!
Then, of course, the humans wanted to go into town late every night to take pictures of the lights. La de dah!

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