Road Trip: Fall in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

A trip report from Hastings the Boat Dog

One day a week or so ago, I heard the humans clanking and yawning. Making coffee, a drug that they are reliant on in order to face the travails of the day (the travails that they bring upon themselves, endlessly and without ceasing). I opened my eyes and sighed. I guess I should get up and supervise them, even though it won't do any good. 

They ignore my advice (which is: stay in bed, then stare out the window, then go on a walk, eat cheese, then nap, then another walk, then eat three chicken dinners). But, there's a problem! I can't get up! My legs do nothing. Nothing. I lay my head down and think. This isn't good. I try again. Nothing. I look at the temperature gauge: 44F. My, that's arctic! Did you know arthritis gets worse with cold weather? Well, I do. I decide to communicate my need for drugs and Florida to the humans. They appropriately freak out. 

However, instead of cheese, drugs, and Florida, extreme cuddles are given, a delicate genius (vet) trip is mentioned, and, instead of hastening to Florida, where it is not 44F, they decide to cancel Florida, rent a car, and make an appointment for a delicate genius in a cold office. Finally these fools realize that all I need is drugs and a heater, and I convince them to purpose the car to take me to a pub. Everyone's happy!
Walking through Colonial Williamsburg
Dog Friendly Table at the DoG (Duke of Gloucester) Pub 
Cheese-less house and fence. Boring. 
Staring at trees. Seriously, my humans are the worst. 
Oh look, leaves on a tree! Oh, the humanity!  
A house. Not sure what the food storage situation is here, but it looks like they should have a lot of cheese. Probably hoarding it. Rude. 
People here pretend that it's the golden olden days. Probably because there was more cheese back then. 
Be still my beating heart, it's another tree! 
More people wishing for the days when cheese grew on trees.
Colonial Williamsburg
You guessed it, a cheese-less tree.  
A lighted tree so you see how there's no cheese, again. 
Other than the disturbing lack of cheese, everyone loved Williamsburg.
P.S. There's a Trader Joe's here, and it sells cheese!

What about the golden olden days do you miss? Do you long for warm winters so you can get out of bed in the morning? 

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  1. I hope you're feeling better, Hastings. The cold weather is just awful, especially when it's accompanied by a decided lack of cheese.

    1. It's been ruff! But drugs and food cure mostly everything!

  2. Today's the second day in a row we've had the boat completely closed and the heater running all day. So, I'm with Hastings -- Florida sounds pretty good right about now!

    1. I bet it's cozy and toasty inside. Perfect for reading and not doing any boat chores.
      Hastings is also a city dog....we took him to Norfolk last night and he marched around like he owned the place. And he took us to another pub. Smart puppy!

  3. Yes, I long for warm winters, and am missing the tropics more every year. I am in sunny San Diego now, but the clouds have been blocking the elusive sun. Not to complain, though; we manage to improve ourselves a little bit every winter. We loved Williamsburg. Very cute and picturesque. I hope Hastings is his old self again! He needs to get to Florida ASAP as well!


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