5 Reasons We Love New Bern, N.C.

We didn't feel like sweating it out in Guatemala, Puerto Rico, or Grenada for the summer, so we headed north for Maine and Nova Scotia. It seemed like a good idea to stop at a midway point to catch up on boat projects, and North Carolina beckoned. Geographically, it makes sense: it's an obvious stopping point heading north, it's not Florida which makes our insurance company happy, and we happen to love North Carolina. 

New Bern is up the Neuse River about 40 miles from the big, bad ocean, which makes it a reasonable place should a hurricane threaten. Of course, our time here has spread from 1 week to 1 month to 2 months, and Nova Scotia is again in the "Someday I Will" column. 

We've been enjoying the "land break". We've had plenty of thunderstorms, some with 60 knot gust fronts. We take a 2 second break from shoveling lamb roganjosh to look out the window, smile at the lack of terror, and use the distraction to steal the other person's naan bread....
Reason #1 to Love New Bern: The Indian Restaurant.

Reason #2: The Price. It's $7.50 a foot a month, which is about $300 a month for us. We paid that for a mooring ball in Miami! 

Reason #3: The Packages. We love Amazon Prime, and pallets of solar panels, and Lagoon parts from France. It's been wonderful to have a mailing address and re-stock on everything! 

Reason #4: Hastings loves it. It's a super dog friendly place - but Hastings has his own post coming on all the ways he loves New Bern.

Reason #5: Downtown. The marina is literally right downtown. It's 3 minutes to the hardware store, and 6 to the Indian restaurant. There's a Farmer's Market! We love a small, friendly town to walk in each night after we've finished unboxing all our packages. 
Independence Day Fireworks
Saturday Morning on the River
Popcorn and Ice Cream Shop.....it's impressive we've only been here once!
Oak Trees and Church
New Bern Marina
Town: Hardware Store and lovely, empty brick wall
Bear Plaza
Our Hastings!
Get your coffee and muffins on the way to the Fallout Shelter
Bonuses: It's bug-free! We haven't had a single mosquito or no-see-um. 
The weather has also been mostly decent. We've had a few days of "feels like 120", but it's been mostly in the 80s, and it's cool enough to have the A/C off at night. 
Beautiful dusk
Do you have a "Someday I Will" place that keeps getting away? 

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  1. That sounds like a great place to hang out at for hurricane season. Indian food and really decent marina fees. I'm jealous.

  2. I was wondering how the three of you were doing. Pretty well, it seems. No mention of boat projects! :-) New Bern sounds like the perfect place during hurricane season, based on alll your reasons. I love the fact that you could walk anywhere. And, who wouldn't want to have dock space for $300 a month, especially when running AC. Well done, you two. Nova Scotia can wait!

    My "Some day I will" list is pretty big. Right now "some day we will not be stressed anymore because of our business" is very high up there! :-)

    1. Ah, the boat projects are happening but I don't want to think about them! Not being stressed about your business sounds like a great goal. Either you work for someone, which is stressful, or you work for yourself, which is more stressful! I don't know that there's a good solution!


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