MM0, Great Bridge Lock, and Virginia Cut

November 2
Cruise Ship and Sailing Boat, Norfolk
So, after Day 2 of “hives hysteria” which took up all morning, a walk into town, and getting ready to actually leave, it was 1PM. I kid you not! Then the Coast Guard closed the channel next to our anchorage to allow a cruise ship to maneuver.
Sunrise at MM0
We finally did manage to leave and headed south, going through a number of bridges and arriving at Great Bridge Lock. We had to wait 45 minutes for them to open, and it took us another 30 minutes to lock through and get through the bridge. All the free docks were taken by people inches ahead of us, so we docked at Atlantic Yacht Basin and took on 16 gallons of fuel. Man, I bet they love sailboats! Big spenders! We awarded ourselves takeout, did laundry, and downloaded books. Oh, the thrills of marinas! We traveled 12 miles today, but it was a good day as we conquered Gilmerton Bridge (restricted schedule) and the lock.

Waiting for Great Bridge Lock
Locking Through! 9 inches!
November 3
We were planning on traveling again today, however, hives hysteria (day 3) won out. We did actually travel - several hundred feet from the paid docks to the free docks! Every hour, on the hour, Great Bridge bridge would ring it’s bells, and boats that had just locked through would rush out. It was exactly like watching a race. The power boats were always in front, then the big sail boats, then the little ones. We’ve seen lots of Canadian flags, and they all stick together. Boats would crowd over to the free docks, the fuel docks, or would pedal to the metal (you know, 6 knots) to get to the next bridge on time. It was all very exciting. We were even passed by a fellow boat yard-ee who left 3 weeks after we did. We are losing the race! I sure hope no one bet on us. We enjoyed several walks in the woods, thought about ticks and Lyme disease, and were safe and sound during the cold front that pushed through overnight.

Morning at Atlantic Yacht Basin
Fall Walk
Rush to get away from the lock and bridge, every hour, on the hour
Great Bridge Free Docks
November 4
We leapt up and considered trying to make the 8:30 bridge opening, but every other free docker and all the 8am lock escapees left for the 8:30 bridge, and we just couldn’t face joining the pack. We instead enjoyed our coffee at a leisurely pace and arrived for the 9AM bridge, after taking in the sounds of traveling alone. The open water patches were pretty nasty, what with the 25 knot winds and all. We hopscotched over several boats that passed us yesterday, turned up our noses at the “you must have their 32 ounce steak restaurant” and motored past 4 yachts who were hogging the entrance to a river. We anchored inside the river, alone. I was about to tell you that other boaters are weirdos, but the truth is we just have our own unique brand of weirdness. Our ICW trip south is quite different from our trip north. Instead of being lonely, we are irritated. We are now freezing cold instead of boiling hot, and we took the Virginia Cut route instead of the Dismal Swamp. So it’s all new, again. What larks!

River Anchorage

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  1. Shame about the hives :-( It's nice to stay at marinas at time and catch up on things and relish in the free WiFi.

    1. The hives were a shame! Hastings loves the easy access to shore walks he gets when he has a dock!

  2. What larks! is right. We like to take the road less travelled as well, especially when we haven't been down it before. Have fun!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. I don't think we'll ever be able to have secluded anchorages off the ICW like you are able to get in the PNW....but we try!

  3. Ah, the ICW madness. I remember being all lined up in a cue of boats on the way south... And then, trying to not bump into anyone or anything while waiting for bridge openings. It is mighty crowded there and I can feel and understand your irritation. We felt exactly the same way. Some of it is quite similar to living in crowded areas, cuing at the grocery store or on the highway and "fighting" for a parking spot at a very popular hiking trail or attraction. Enjoy the quiet and solo times! Luckily, they still exist on the water.

    1. The ICW does drive me a little crazy.... which is funny, because 5 mph on a sailboat is supposed to be relaxing. I obviously still need to work on patience!


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