Lake Worth to Biscayne Bight, Miami

Departures and Arrivals by the numbers:
16 - number of hours it took us to “sail” from Lake Worth anchorage to Biscayne Bight. I say “sail” because it was more like motor-bashing directly into 20 knots of wind, against 4 knots of Gulf Stream current. 

0- Number of counter-currents we found. Lies have been told. 
1- Number of reefs we put in. We were making good only 3.5 knots, and yet had to reef the main sail due to 25 knot winds.
6- Dolphins. 5 in the Lake Worth anchorage (even doing flips for our entertainment!) and one who swam right under our hulls in the open ocean.
18 - Sea Turtles. We’ve never seen so many! They were huge, often grouped in 2s and 3s, and were always very surprised to see us!
2 - Leaks. One fridge leak, and one shower sump box leak. At 3AM.
5- Thunderstorms. Good job we have the dodger.
1 - Number of fishes we killed. Matt found a fish in the engine water strainer, and instead of welcoming rescue, it swam down the line (it had recently watched Finding Nemo). RIP.
35 - Number of times I caught Hastings glaring at us. He’s not a fan of bashing into the wind.
4-6 ft: height of the waves that Hastings was glaring at us about. The ocean: it’s the worst.
1: Number of times I had to call Matt to help identify a ship at night. It had been keeping pace with us for about 10 minutes, and was showing a bright white light (a masthead?) a red (port nav light) and a flashing red. What is up with the flashing red? Matt stared at it for 3 seconds. It’s a helicopter. Hovering about 20 ft off the water.
1- Number of times we tried to teach Hastings to go to the bathroom in our shower. We’d been at sea for 12 hours and it wasn’t safe for him to walk to the deck. He didn’t buy the shower idea, but did add one more exasperated glare to his glare count. These humans, they are so weird.
0: 0 car, 0 fixed address, 0 hot water, 0 A/C, 0 regrets!

We're hanging out in Biscayne Bight today, surrounded by thunderstorms. Planning to head to Elliot Key tomorrow. 
At the Fuel Dock

First Night Champagne! 

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks!! It's great to be away from the dock- even if it's been raining nonstop.

  2. Love Biscayne. Plenty of great places to just sit and relax.

  3. Has Hastings ever done a guest post? I think we all want to hear directly from him about what weirdos his humans are. Great post - very funny :-)

    1. Thank you! Yes, Hastings is going to tell his sorrows in a weekly update, starting Friday (if he can stop napping and supervising us for long enough!!)


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