Everything We've Accomplished in New Bern

After 6 months of cruising the islands (and working to avoiding the "boat maintenance in exotic locations" pitfall) we had quite a to-do list piled up. Luckily, there really was nothing majorly wrong with the boat but we had a list of "wouldn't it be nice" projects. Here's a peek at our two months at the dock in New Bern. 

Got nice dog food (and lots of provisions for us too)!
Fixed the fridge! New water pump, new evaporator plate, fancy new drawers, freezer compartment…and it is COLD! TOO COLD!
Lowered the hardtop! A lot! Improved boom clearance and less mainsheet chafing!
Added Capt Don's boom brake! (no more crash gybes! yay!)
Remade our dodger to fit the lower hardtop with Lexan panels so we can see!
Replaced hardtop solar panels!
Fixed mainsail batten cars!
Lots of engine chores! …oil changes, new raw water pump, cleaned exhaust elbows, cleaned the heat exchanger cores, coolant flushes, cleaned/painted rusty bits and covered them with blood instead, etc. 
Grew some barnacles!
New fuel gauges! No more running out of diesel!
Replaced our stovetop! It lights! It stays on! We can cook at different temps!
New grill!
Made a new grill cover and propane storage bag!
Killed The Extra Seating that used to trip us up and cause a choke point of despair!
Put new flooring in the salon! (to cover up the hole!) 
New backrest system (back snaps = only have to move the bottom cushion to reach storage) and new ottoman storage in salon!
New nav station seating! 
Built a new storage cabinet! (and matched it to the original wood color!) 
Built a spice cabinet in an unused space!
Redid the back of the helm seat! Added an armrest and bolster!
Walked to the hardware store!
Enjoyed the Saturday Farmer’s Market!
Ate THE BEST Indian!
Ate AMAZING Chocolate Croissants!
Not pictured: 

  • New iPad, iPad cover, and attachment for outside navigation
  • New speakers and speaker boxes
  • Lots of cleaning and time at the "fight club" marina laundry room
  • Went to the mountains twice
  • Took Hastings to 2 vets and had 1 rabies titer test done to meet Caribbean import requirements
  • Lots of shopping and selling, including out with all Canon SLR and in with Sony mirrorless
Do you prefer to do household chores all at once, or tackle them as they come up? 

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  1. Wow... so many accomplishments!

    Capt Don (the boom brake guy) is our next-hull neighbor in Deltaville.

    And... welcome to the mirrorless world!

    1. Yes, we met Capt Don last year- it's sad it took us so long to buy the boom brake! Our haul is set for Sep 18 (if not sooner to avoid a hurricane) so we'll all be neighbors again soon. What fun!

    2. Neighbors again? Yay, that's wonderful! We'll get back to the yard the 16th. We're already missing Virginia (because it's 110 degrees here in California).

    3. Wow! It's 70 here, but absolutely pouring (actually the outer bands of Harvey). Now we're not sure we'll get to the haul out before Irma possibly impacts.....too much uncertainty!

    4. Hi, Juan and Lucy. Looking forward to seeing you all at the yard! Don and Shaz

  2. I am tired of just reading your post! You've accomplished so much! I'm also panicking! We haven't started our own chores... We aren't even in the same location as the boat! We're only doing virtual semi-shopping. It means that we have put a bunch of stuff in the Amazon cart in the "save for later" section. And then we see them disappear from said section as they become "out of stock". Hyperventilating here!

    1. Hate the cart problem! Hopefully when you get back to the boat it will all seem more manageable. I say that because I am terrified of just leaving the dock and hope it will seem more manageable when we do reacquaint ourselves with the big bad ICW.

  3. Wow! You guys have been busy! Has Hastings been cheering you on? I see he rather lays next to the mats than on them. :-)

    We just missed out on a four-month winter house and dog sit in Oriental, NC! It would have been nice to meet the three of you, but I except you will be gone by December anyway. Congrats on all the achievements!!

    1. Oh, what a shame to miss you again (since we were too lazy/deep into projects to get to the boat show last year). Hastings demands dinner at 6pm no matter what projects are being done, and occasionally gives us a glare if we are being too noisy. He also hated the floor install since we asked to move too many times.

  4. Damn! You sure have been busy! Glad everything is well. Lynn U misses ya!

    1. I miss you too! Hard to believe I've missed two "gym days"!

  5. Wow - I'm exhausted just reading this. We've been back at the marina for a month now and have accomplished so little compared to you guys. I guess we better get cracking or we'll never get out of here.


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