Top Ten Disasters

We’re disaster prone, so maybe this should be “top 1,988 disasters!”. Isn’t it fun for other people to have disasters? You can look around your warm living area, and say, hey, at least I don’t have oil squirting in my face, or hives, or a dog vomiting on my feet, and I’m not rowing across a channel in a 2 knot current….
#10: Toilet only flushes for Matt
Matt finds it incomprehensible that I cannot accomplish the simplest of things, like flushing a toilet. All you have to do is not add air, and if you do add air, burp the toilet. Silence is the only reply to instructions like these.

#9: Starter dying
Intro to cruising: two weeks in, the starboard starter just died, right before a holiday weekend.

#8: Frightening dinghy trip in a squall, Cape Lookout
I think what really frightened Matt and Hastings was my driving! We’d started dinghying back to our boat when a squall picked up, waves built; everyone was soaked and terrified. The second we got back to the boat, the skies cleared. What larks!

Frightening Dinghy Ride

#7: Oil plug flying out, oil all over engine compartment
Don’t worry, this only happened twice in a row, 50 miles from land, and a few hundred miles from our destination. Everything’s fine!

#6: 50 knot storm in Deltaville
"S****, we’re dragging” (In the dark, in a thunderstorm. Did we mention the 50 knot winds?)
One hour before the storm - so calm!
#5: Starboard Stan takes up smoking
We’ve tried to get him to try some herbal vapes, but no, he’s a modern day Marlborough man.

#4: Sail drive oil seal fail
We pro-actively replaced the seal in Deltaville and yet the salt water intrusion started in Carolina Beach, just a few engine hours later. It’s a continuing saga! It could be it’s own Star Trek Wars movie series!
Engine Room, Atlantic Ocean
#3: 297 carburetor rebuilds
This is the TV version of Star Trek Wars, different actors, different theme songs, the problem remains the same. I stopped watching after a while, but Matt, he’s dedicated.
Carb Rebuild #197, Deep Space Nine Episode 3. Matt said it was fixed for sure this time (only 100 episodes to go!)

#2: Fly invasion
Flies attacked Matt and Hastings on the Potomac River and stole their minds. Not just a few flies, and not regular flies either. It was like a zombie apocalypse.

#1: Non-grass grass

Oh, the humiliation. Hastings saw a bed of beautiful, wonderful, land grass, and stepped off the boardwalk to discover that duck weed is not grass, it’s just a thick veil on water. Yuck!
Hastings Goes for an Unintentional Swim

Have you ever had an experience that tops non-grass grass?

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  1. I've had the same issue with the toilet as you've had. It happily flushes for Scott than laughs in my face when I try to flush it. Loving the DS9 reference for the outboard repair. Funnily, enough I'm reading a book about outboards just now. I learned all about the differences between 2 stroke and 4 stroke. Not that that will make any difference when it comes to fixing the beast in the real world.

    1. My advice: pay lots of attention to the carburetor section!!! :-D

      Actually we bought a whole new carburetor this week and (fingers crossed) it will work for more than a week!!!

      Not sure what's up with DS9 love/hate thing Lucy has going on. I think she had a thing for Odo.

    2. Let's be fair, sometimes the problem is "kill switch not in" "gas tank not attached". Are you going on record as actually liking DS9?!

  2. Our Sally stepped off the dock and straight into the water a couple of times but she was 17 at then and half blind (and under David's care, of course -- I was definitely the better parent). Sigh. I think it's almost time for another pup!

    Merry Christmas,
    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. Oh no, poor Sally! I'm familiar with the absent minded parenting style- Hastings can't walk at the moment (one more week!) and this may be beyond some of our capabilities to properly monitor.

  3. Your number 1 still cracks me up! Poor Hastings. But, for now this is not possible anymore with his paw all wrapped up and you guys carrying him, right? Mark rebuild carburetors for eight years. Problems keep occurring any time and everywhere. I hope you won't collect more experiences to come up with another top ten list of disasters any time soon. :-)

    1. Hopefully we can keep Hastings out of the drink while his leg heals. Yes, even if we had a house, condo, or RV, there would always be disasters to mitigate!


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