Rainy Days and Dreams

Hastings and I, Elliot Key Sandbar, Biscayne Bay
Hastings and Matt, Carysfort Reef, Key Largo
Hastings at the helm - Key Largo
It's too boring to tell you about the steering cable drama, or the times we've broken the sander, or all the corroded screws that we've been dealing with. It's a boat, in a boat yard, and its very boaty and boat yardy. 

It's another rainy day, so I'm dreaming of Biscayne Bay and the Keys. Water so clear you can't help but jump in. Blue skies, hot sun. Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air days. We're coming for you, Florida! Just as soon as we can get Independence seaworthy again! 

We submitted three photos (above) to a West Marine contest for their 2017 calendar. Weeks ago, we got an email that they would publish a photo; enjoy our $100 gift certificate. Cool, we can buy a new screw! 

We won't know until we see the calendar which month Hastings gets to adorn, which photo of Hastings was chosen, and which month. Will they photoshop us out, since Hastings is clearly the winner? Which one is your favorite? What do you dream about on rainy days? 

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  1. The bottom one is my favorite photo. I would have picked the middle one, if the mainsail would have been raised. Congratulations on winning a West Marine calendar month! Make sure you buy a stainless steel screw and some steel nerves as well. :-) On a rainy day (as it is now), I don't dream, but I take advantage of doing a few things inside without being distracted by the need to go outside... Of course, when it rains for days in a row, I dream about the sun.

    1. Rainy days are good for re-organizing closets...and then rewarding yourself with a good book!

  2. Congrats on getting your picture picked! I love them all, but I think the first one is the winner.

    1. I like the first one too. Hastings is really lacking dinghy rides these days!

  3. I like the first one too. It makes me feel like going swimming and looks a lot more inviting than hanging out in a boatyard! :-)

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA


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