Lagoon 380 Bi-Annual Haul-Out Task List

We’ve been away from our home dock for four months and have accumulated a huge task list! Actually, the list has been accumulating since we bought the boat nearly 2 years ago. Or maybe it's been accumulating since the boat left the factory 11 years ago! (The deck voids are totally the factory's doing, as are the lack of underwater lights) For the past few days, we have been sitting at anchor, researching DIY projects and ordering boxes upon boxes for our haul out. Today, we are finally hauling out; we are excited to be making big improvements to Independence before heading back south for the winter.
  • Replace escape hatches. Sand, paint frames and handles. Clean seal.
  • Sail drive seals and oil, clean cooling channels and replace zincs.
  • Replace hull zinc.
  • Get speed wheel working.
  • Secure Duogen bolts (remove liferaft locker) —>repair or remove Duogen.
  • Compound and wax hull and deck.
  • Epoxy deck void areas.
  • Gelcoat repairs.
  • Epoxy bead on bulkheads.
  • Autopilot maintenance.
  • Windlass maintenance.
  • Fix all hatch leaks. 
  • Strainer for fridge thru-hull.
  • Tie down batteries, inspect electrical system. 
  • Replace steering cables. (Take old steering cables to rigger to re-make)
  • Lube and inspect all steering components.
  • Clean and polish bilges.
  • Radar networking to OpenCPN.
  • Refrigerator: digital thermostat?, clean and paint handle.
  • Overhaul Yamaha 15. 
  • Clean dinghy, install lights.
  • Replace galley AC outlet.
  • Port toilet joker valve.
  • Sand and paint bottom. 3 coats. Raise waterline 1 inch.
New Installs:
  • Install liferaft.
  • Install raw water pump.
  • Props: Install Flexofolds.
  • Remove old vinyl striping.
  • Add side graphics (name, artwork, single grey 4.5 inch stripe).
  • Interior: reorganize and dump extra weight.  
  • Install faux tile: galley backsplash, bathroom backsplashes
  • Replace guest bath faucet. 
  • Install white LED underwater lights (4, 2 on each hull, one set facing inward, one set facing outward) 
We are taking the steering cables to a rigger for replacement, but everything else we will be doing ourselves. 

Matt thinks if we don't sleep we can power through the essentials in 7 days. I think if we sleep at night, we can get nearly everything done in 22 days. 
Hastings's opinion on how long it will take! 
How many days do you think it will take us to complete the list? Enter your guess in the comments and we’ll see who comes closest!  

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  1. Replies
    1. Hopefully that will be the max- after 30 days, we'll have to pay for another month.

  2. Wow - that's a big list! I think you need an immediate mutiny. Matt should not be in charge of the haul-out schedule. Sleep is essential. I don't want to jinx anything by guessing. Make sure you take before and after pictures.

    1. 7 days would be doable if there were two Matts. But Lucy wears out quickly!

  3. Oh the list! A couple of those I wish I would have done when we hauled out last month. And another couple of them I'm adding to the list for next time. Then there's the ones where you two are just trying to show off...polishing bilges!?! Making me look bad! ;) Try to have fun, hope to see you at some point on the east coast! -Matt

    1. I think the most "show off" item is the underwater lights! We'll see how much can we get done before we can't take it anymore. We're really looking forward to sharing an anchorage... We'll be easy to find- the boat that's lit up like a starship!

    2. And if there's anything missing from our list that you were glad you did last time, let us know!

  4. Based on personal experience, you'll be fortunate to get the rigger to complete his/her end of it within 7 days (small jobs equal less attention). David guessed 24 days and I'm going to say 21 but our fingers are crossed for 7 and we'll be cheering you on!

    1. 7 is really a stretch! We could do it if we just focused on the bottom paint and the props, but there's are so many other things that are easier to do out of the water. I hadn't thought about the smaller job getting less attention- but you're completely right. As long as we're back in within a month, I'll be happy.

  5. That is a big list and some of the projects will take a few days in a row to finish due to drying paint or glue. I hope you don't get too much rain or too much sun! And then, those darn emergency hatches... If they are anything like ours, they will need a few take overs of resealing them... :-) I estimate 21 days, but, you should slow down once in a while, so I would shoot for being done in a month. Good luck!!

    1. It was 72 today, so great weather so far! The hatches have already demoralized us. I forgot about doing dishes by bucket and walking to the bathrooms 5 times a day, so I think I'll have to add on another 6 weeks!

    2. It was 72 today, so great weather so far! The hatches have already demoralized us. I forgot about doing dishes by bucket and walking to the bathrooms 5 times a day, so I think I'll have to add on another 6 weeks!

  6. I just found your blog today so I'm not sure how far along you are in the yard but I'm guessing 45 days as long as there are no major delays. Many of those items are close to a full day each by the time you gather tools, setup, and clean up. Several are multi-day with some time between steps. I'll be realty impressed if you finish in less than 30 days.

    1. Yes, the gathering tools and setting up is a real problem - you've obviously done this before! We've had 13 days of rain, a couple of delays due to parts and breakages and lots of setbacks. We're on day 24 today and hoping to be done on day 31 - but we'll see!


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