Time for Tea on the Terrace: Lagoon 380 Cockpit Upgrades

Ah, the Terrace! I love that Lagoon calls this area the terrace. So continental! When we bought Independence, this area was bare. Nothing! The first step in improving the comfort of the terrace: adding cushions. I'd been stalking Craigslist for a Sailrite for a while, but every time I contacted a seller, I was too late. Our first weekend on the boat I won the Craigslist lottery! Victory!

Sailrite sewing machine on a Lagoon 380 sail catamaran
The Sailrite (The Blue Anchor). Yes, Matt made me instructional labels to help decrease the swearing. Hastings always acts as my lumbar cushion when I sew! 


I measured the space and ordered custom cut dry foam on the Internets. I was a little skeptical when 5 sheets of large foam arrived in a small box, but it was just super squished. The dry foam is neat because it lets water pour through. After a lot of consternation over which colors to choose, I ordered Sunbrella and worked on my first sewing project on the boat. Yay!

With the help of excellent Sailrite videos, I beavered away and produced the bottom cushions. Why is there a gap on the starboard side? Well, to create a cushion that covered that spot properly, I would have to have sewn a curve. Oh the humanity! That wasn't happening! So, I convinced myself that I didn't even want the cushion to go around the curve as I wanted a place to step. This self-deception has never wavered.

I made complementary colored throws to use as backs. I just used old sleeping pillow material to stuff them (and this material is surprisingly not moldy many moons later). 16 months into owning the boat, the bottom seats were feeling a little sad. They looked a little pathetic and were bottoming out. I had batting left over from the salon project, so added a layer of batting to the bottoms. What an improvement! It was like buying new cushions, for free, and took about 3 minutes! Since I was on a roll, I added larger throws in the Aruba color (un-enlightened people would call this teal). Brilliant!

Lagoon 380 sail catamaran cockpit


Lagoon had wrapped fabric over foam and plywood. This meant the seat was wet all the time. Who likes a wet bottom? Not me! I ordered the 3 inch dry fast cushion with the terrace cushions. Matt cut a piece of Starboard plastic lumber to replace the plywood (we would get thicker Starboard next time) (in fact, we would love a teak bench instead). I created a cushion that snapped to the Starboard. With this system, the cushion drains right away. No more wet bums. Hoo-yah!
Lagoon 380 sail catamaran helm


Now the bum is dry, where do I put my coffee / tea / rum? Cup holders to the rescue!

Phew, this is a long post and someone mentioned tea, standby.......

Cupholder on a Lagoon 380 sail catamaran
Cupholders! Lagoon owners will notice we removed the large piece of fiberglass that did nothing but block the view. And replaced the dumb compass with a smart, beautiful compass. 


We fought really hard to get the seller to give us the cockpit "coffee" table we were promised. Then we swapped it out for the salon table, since we eat all our meals and do our projects on the terrace. Then we hated the stupid ugly white table and bought a teak table top from Amazon. It's great! We have a faux candle here with a 5 hour timer. It comes on at sunset - and the battery lasts months. Our solar string lights we bought on sale at K-Mart come on at sunset too. So romantic!
Candle and solar lights on a Lagoon 380 sail catamaran


Ah, the floors. Aren't they pretty? We were happy with the non-skid fiberglass floors. Then Hastings hurt his leg and stairs became the devil. We put yoga mats down, but they were ugly and really hateful in the rain. We looked into white SeaDek which we could order a sheet of and cut ourselves, but ended up with the custom faux teak. We love it! It feels great under bare feet, dries quick, gives us extra cushion, and it looks fabulous!

The Hard Top

We had a very sad soft top. We were going to have to replace the fabric, or get a hard top, and we went with a hard top. It should last indefinitely, provides a safe place to walk on to access the boom, and provides superior shade. We like the clean look, and the extra spot for sunset watching. It's not perfect, but it was considerably cheaper than Lagoon's stock option, and fabricating our own was not going to happen. It came with a fiberglass sliding hatch, however, the boom hit the hatch tracks like it was on a mission to send me to the insane asylum, and had to go bye-bye. We added a zippered Sunbrella option instead.
Helm station and hard top on a Lagoon 380 sail catamaran

The Dodger

Now we have a hard top, but what is raining on my parade here? It's rain! I can't see! Sigh. It never ends, does it? So, we added a dodger. What a pain in the neck this project was! Matt had to do all the thinking because I hate thinking. It's the worst. Now there's no rain in our eyes, yippee! It's actually surprising how much drier the terrace is with just the addition of the dodger. 
Hardtop and dodger on a Lagoon 380 sail catamaran
Rain on the dodger on our Lagoon 380 sail catamaran

Sun Shades

Whew, now we are all dry and happy as clams. Wait, why is this clam cooking? What's up with the golden orb? Time to get the Sailrite out and sew some shades. The Phirfetex is great. I stupidly stored it wet once and it got moldy, but it cleans right up. You can see through it to spy on the neighbors, and it lets air flow through, so it doesn't feel claustrophobic like bedsheets or canvas would. I made three panels that fit either the starboard side or the port side of the terrace and move them with the sun. I'll also hang them over the trampolines to get shade there. Is it time for a sundowner yet?

Beer and Ice, Baby, Ice!

We have an Engel freezer underneath the big seat. We did without for 9 months, but saw a freezer on sale at Sailorman for a bargain (it's a nasty looking rust bucket) and now we don't know how we survived without it!(Is that the sound of all our guests canceling their plans to visit us? It's clean inside, and I prefer to think of it as ancient mineral additives rather than r.u.s.t.)
We also have a beer refrigerator in the cockpit, but it's a power hog and we aren't sure if it's going to earn it's keep once we unplug from shore power.

Under seat Engel freezer on a Lagoon 380 sail catamaran

Future projects

Did I mention how the projects never end? We walked our recycling to the bin one night, and noticed 7 panels of Strataglass (the clear vinyl used to make boat enclosure windows) sitting in the dumpster! Get out! We had gone back and forth over making an enclosure, but we are cheap, we can hide in the salon in the rain, what kind of wimps can't handle a little rain, join me for a rousing rendition of Rule Britania, etc.... but free Strataglass? Now you are talking! So, we have free Strataglass, including zips, etc, waiting for us to put a full enclosure together. It's not new and has definitely been around the block, but with a little polishing we think we can piece together and serviceable enclosure for cold winters or dreary days. Of course, we'll need to get track, snaps, and Sunbrella, but this project is on the list as soon as Matt can do the thinking bit.


Matt wants to do some new age blue LED courtesy light system, as well as nifty string lights over our salon door/window area. Lucy needs to add two throw pillows to replace the ones that flew overboard. And oh, yeah, a system needs to be added to prevent cushions from flying overboard!

We'll also paint in the rust on the Engel freezer one fine day.

Next on the Blog

Coming Friday: Upgrades to the Saloon (living area). 

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  1. The terrace looks great! If you haven't decided which LED lights to purchase, I can recommend the Sylvania MOSAIC. They're easy to install, run off of 12 volt, and have 16 different colour options (including red for night passages).

    Cheers, Stephanie @ www.svcambria.com

    1. Great, thanks for the recommendation! We've updated our interior lights to LED and it's been very random - some are very bright, some are dim, some die immediately. The perils of internet shopping! -Lucy

  2. Your terrace is amazing. I just had to go get a tea towel to wipe up all the drool off of my face. So jealous. Do you want to come do a makeover on our patio? (I figure if yous is a terrace, than ours is more like a tiny patio in a rundown apartment block.) Bring Hastings too. He makes a great back rest.

    1. Thank you! Someone (not me) should totally do a Boat HGTV makeover show. That would be fun to watch! What larks - Lucy

  3. Wow, Lucy. You made some amazing improvements! Lagoon should hire you to make those changes standard. I didn't even know that the cockpit on a catamaran is called a terrace. Or, maybe this is just a Lagoon thing? :-) I love the "corner" you left open on the seats to step on. That's my kind of a solution!

    1. Thank you Liesbet! I think "the terrace" is a Lagoon thing.

  4. Where did you find your hardtop?

    1. Chris Spencer at biminihardtop.com Just Catamarans in Ft Lauderdale also make really nice hardtops!

  5. Hi,
    Really love what you have done with your boat. Looks soooo nice.
    However, we installed a hardtop last fall and I’m now about to start our project with a dodger. Get a bit scared when you write it was a pain in the neck. You don’t happen to have some of the thinking left in regards of some drawings or hints of what not to do?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Lisa, have you already ordered supplies? I never could get this initial dodger to be crinkle free and switched to lexan sheets this summer. We changed the height of the hardtop so I took apart our old dodger and started from stratch. Definitely get proper template plastic (from sailrite) and make a good pattern. I'm still using a track and zip system. If you will email me: lucy@boatlifelarks.com I can email you photos of our current dodger and the lsit of supplies I used. http://www.boatlifelarks.com/2017/09/everything-weve-accomplished-in-new-bern.html


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