Snugness in the Saloon: Comfort Upgrades

One of the things we loved most about the Lagoon 380 was the saloon. So bright! So airy! So comfortable! And then I made a terrible mistake. I sat down on the couch. It took us six months to admit to each other that this was the most uncomfortable abomination one could ever subject oneself to. So we decided to buy a new boat. Just kidding!

Stupid old way! 
New Couch Cushions

I really didn't want to re-design the seating. After all, surely Lagoon put a lot of work into figuring out the most comfortable set up and this was it? What if I just made things worse? And then there's the extreme laziness. But as a lazy person, I really wanted somewhere to rest my tush and veg out. So, into the breach, dear friends. I advertised my current cushions on the owner's group and someone came and handed me money for them. Now we had no cushions.

I patterned the new cushions (using Christmas paper), designing three base cushions instead of four in order to line up over the storage. I took these patterns to a local foam shop, picked a 3 inch foam, and then picked up the cut pieces the next day.

Then I used these patterns to sew the cushion covers. The bottoms are made from phifertex and the zips are on the bottom. 

The Blue Anchor (our Sailrite sewing machine’s alias) learned alot of new swear words from me, yada yada yada, the cushions are done! The cushions are Sunbrella, so the blood wipes right off. 


I then re-did the curtains in Sunbrella marine grade silver. The old curtains were all moldy (yuck!). I added accent panels to the curtains to give them a little pop. If I get sick of the accent panel (about another 3 months) I can simply remove the stitches, slap on a different accent panel and re-cover the tootsie roll throw pillows.
Curtains, Clock, Barometer and Thermometer
Commisioning Plaque Matt designed

Nav Desk

We had a stool at the nav desk, but it wasn't very comfortable. We found a swivel seat that had a back and fit on the existing post. I recovered the cushions to match the rest of the space. We have a monitor that can be used for radar, AIS, etc, or swiveled to watch DVDs or stream TV shows.

Saloon Table

We removed the large, ostentatious, hideously ugly, knee banging, awkward table and banished it to storage under our bed. (We are hoarding it - you can add cushions and make this area into an extra bed. Useful? Maybe!) We loved the open feeling of the salon without the table, however, did miss having a place to balance our beer and crisps on. So we got a little round tabletop that matches our outdoor table.

Lazy Boy Heaven

Is it more comfortable? Yes. Is it like being in Lazy Boy heaven? No, it's still a boat, silly! But we can now sit on our couch for Poirot marathons so Hastings can watch his namesake. It’s truly lovely to come home to a home!

Next Time on the Blog

Check back Monday for the final post in our comfort upgrade series: The Cabin. 

What upgrades have you completed or planned for your home? What DVD series do you love to veg out to? Don't be a lurker, join in the fun and leave a comment. What larks! 

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  1. It looks fab! Aren't you a clever cookie using accent material that you can easily change out when the mood strikes :-)

    1. Thank you! That was Matt's plan. He gets sick of the extreme re-decoration frenzies I get in. He's defiantely the brains on this boat!

  2. We just finished watching the BBC series Sherlock for the second time in five months. I'm not sure what's next though. We still haven't gotten around to watching Downton Abbey so maybe we'll start there -- can't go wrong with Maggie Smith!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. I've heard a lot of good things about Sherlock, we'll have to add it to our list! We loved Downton Abbey - Maggie Smith is the best! -Lucy

  3. Such a homey feel you created, Lucy. A good idea to make more room by removing the saloon table. What a perfect lounge area. I would have loved that on our boat, except for the fact that we both needed it to work on our computers... We love to watch good series that are finished on TV and completely available so we can watch them without interruptions. :-)

    1. Thanks Liesbet! I too, love a good series that you can "binge" on without waiting for next week! -Lucy


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