Comfort in the Cabin


Boat beds are tricky. They are often unusual sizes and hampered by tiny doorways (ie can't fit a huge mattress through the door even if you had a normal sized space for the bed).

We were using the 2-inch berth foam that came with the boat (probably 10 years old) and had slapped a 2.5-inch cooling gel topper on it. I was fine, Matt thought it would be the death of him. We upgraded to 7-inch medium firm foam mattress from Ikea, topped with the cooling gel topper. It is a couple of inches too long and we had planned on cutting the foam with a knife, but we were able to squish the mattress into the space without cutting. It can be very expensive and quite the palaver to find a mattress solution that works, but sleep is a neccessity!

Mattress and topper (Yes, I'm storing rolls of fabric in the space next to the mattress. Totally normal)

We were lucky enough to win a drawing for bamboo sheets from Sailboat Interiors through The Boat Galley. These sheets cinch with the shock cord going all the way around the sheet and actually do stay on the mattress rather than popping off like the stupid old way.

It's a cinch! And if you can't sleep, you can read Chapman's! 
Lee cloth

We built a lee cloth to prevent Hastings from leaping off the bed and hurting himself. Sometimes he sleeps at the foot of our bed, sometimes he sleeps on our cabin floor, but his preference is to sleep outside on deck. We need to train him to take sights and bark if the anchor drags!
Lee cloth, hatch and portlight bug screens, LED reading lights, 12 volt fan.

Programming Notes

This week on the blog: The 333 Project, and a Matt Horror Story (I'm giddy with anticipation!) Side note- this is my last Monday at work. Where does the time go? 

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  1. I'm giddy with anticipation too about the Matt horror story. I hope there will be zombies involved.

    1. Zombies are so fun! Matt's more of a sci-fi person, so the Borg are more likely. After all, Resistance Is Futile.

  2. Congratulations on your last day of work!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. Thank you! It's just the last Monday though; I'll be at work through Saturday, beavering away for the last time every day! Exciting!-Lucy

  3. Four more days at work! Exciting indeed. Chapman would put me to sleep as well. Too bad we left him on Irie when we sold her, otherwise he could help me get rid of my jet lag right now. :-)

    1. We are excited! That is too bad about leaving Chapman behind. I find it also makes a good mini-table for drinks, good door stop - it would probably be good to throw at burglars too! -Lucy

  4. Chapman also comes in hand as a "paper weight" when caulking things together! :-)


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