Be More with Less: Project 333

Project 333

Catamarans sail better the lighter they are, so we've been trying to get as much c.r.a.p. off the boat. I was inspired reading A Life Afloat during the A-Z project. Jaye talked about Project 333 and I decided I would do this too, starting May 15. I thought the this involved 33 items for 30 days, and it took me about 3 minutes to pick these items. Currently, all my clothes occupy the guest clothes locker and Matt's clothes occupy our cabin's locker. When Matt donates his work clothes, we'll have space in our cabin locker for my 333 items. Boy, was I chuffed with myself!

Hastings wears the same thing every day: pure cuteness!
Later that day, Matt mentioned how exciting it was that I was cleaning out my closet since it would now be available to guests. Firstly, I didn't think he was paying any attention. Secondly, I've been caught in the act of cheating at the challenge before it even started! My secret plan was to keep all my rejectees in the guest closet and have the ability to steal my own clothes at night. Now I'm forced to space bag them and store them under our V-Berth. Thirdly, I then actually looked up Project 333 and realized it's 33 items for 3 months (not 30 days) - and these items include shoes, hats, sunglasses. Don't you hate it when a challenge becomes challenging?

I was then forced to do that thing I hate: thinking. I want to have clothes that express who I am, that suit me, and serve a purpose. So, the four sun shirts aren't necessarily glamorous but my fair skin says I need them. My silk skirt isn't practical, but it's pretty! As I went through my clothes, I realized that I'm a bit of a hoarder. I have 15-year-old tank tops that are threadbare, shrunk from being washed and dried 20,000 times, and have holes in them; I've been keeping them in case I ruin the newer shirts. Ridiculous, right? Time to go to the trash, Golden Boy.

"The rules” say that you don’t count pajamas and underwear and I have decided not to count swimming costumes either. I'm also not counting the pants and shirt I have on standby for boat yard work. Matt thought about doing the challenge, and did buy an extra pair of shorts, but I don't think he'll ever get to 33 items (by my count, he's at 9 items)

Now, the Project 333 challenge is a helpful guide, and not supposed to induce suffering and trauma. If "the rules" don't work for me, I'll happily change them!


While I'm on a downsizing binge, I decided to unsubscribe from all my email subscriptions, using unroll.me. This program searches your inbox for subscriptions and allows you to delete them, save them, or add to a once a day overview email. I don't need to know when a new boat is posted to Yachtworld, or what the special is at Chik-fil-A. I'm also going on a blog and Facebook diet, and just reading the blogs that inspire and encourage, and following less people on the Book.

Be more with less: a faster, more agile boat, favorite clothes, purposeful and inspiring e-use. What larks!

If you were to do the 333 Project, would you have to donate clothes or rush out and buy more? 

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  1. Don't you just hate it when a challenge becomes challenging. How annoying. I don't think Scott has 33 items of clothing and the items are looking a little shabby. He hates shopping so forcing him to buy clothes would be a challenge that would best him.

    Hastings has the perfect look down - good from morning to night. Smart cookie.

    Cheers - Ellen

    1. I hate shopping too, but my mother and coworkers are always giving me clothes - I guess I look like I need them, haha!

  2. I'd have to donate, definitely, but that's only because we have to keep a full complement of clothes aboard from summer shorts to winter layers (all of which may have to be worn in a single day).

    And Hastings, buddy, you're killing me with your cuteness!

    Stephanie @ SV CAMBRIA

    1. This winter thing is a real problem. Living in Florida, I do have sweaters for when it gets below 78 - I'm not sure how will survive the Chesapeake in October! I'm going to be very pathetic, I'm sure!

  3. Great challenge, Lucy, but don't you love the feeling of getting rid of stuff and simplifying your life. I love it and want to do it constantly, even when it is not necessary! We need to make sure all our stuff fits in our car trunk and are very good at not buying new things since being in the US (our boat was the biggest hoarder before). But, I am pretty sure I have more than 33 items in my temporary closet right now. Why is this so much easier for guys??? BTW, most of these clothes are 15+ years old. :-) I'm going through my stuff in Belgium as we speak...

    1. I do love getting rid of stuff! It's very freeing. I find we have to constantly re-evaluate our items as things seem to multiply even when living in a small space. I'm really not sure why it is easier for guys...maybe a study is needed! -Lucy

  4. Sometimes it feels good just to lighten our load in general...and what better time than right before summer?

    1. Absolutely it does! Thanks for stopping by Stephanie!-Lucy


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