Z. Zeal for Zeds

A-Z: Our 30 day mission: to bring you a tasty boat life tidbit of the day, washed down with a shot of snarky slang. Boat.Life.Larks.

I started the A-Z challenge with alacrity; I was chuffed with C. By D I was dilly-dallying, by Q I wanted to Quit. And what kind of letter is X? But Z, Z I have real zeal for; I can finally get some Zeds! I may never darken the door of this blog again. (HA!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who has read and commented; especially fellow A-Z conquerors The Cynical Sailor and His Salty Sidekick, A Life Afloat, Roaming About, and S/V Cambria for all the comments - and great reading on your blogs!

Back to the Zeds: I can't sleep on an airplane and find it hard to sleep in a new place (hotel, etc). I wear a sleep mask at night to block out light - but it also helps me sleep in a new place; it acts as a signal to my brain: go to sleep. Matt couldn't sleep on the boat and thought he had all sorts of medical maladies. Turned out it was our mattress! 

Are you a lucky person who can catch Zeds anywhere, anytime? Do you have a nightly ritual to help you sleep?

I'm away from my computer this weekend, so apologize in advance for the lag in responding to comments.

Daily Dictionary

  • Z. Said "zed" instead of "zee", just to throw people off
  • Zeds: z's - catch a nap! 

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  1. It was so much fun to get to know you through the A to Z Challenge! And even more fun to get to know you in real life yesterday :-)

    I suffer from a bit of insomnia at times, especially when I sleep in strange places. When I don't get enough zeds, I can be a very cranky person.

    Cheers - Ellen

    1. Yes, it was so great to meet you yesterday!! Really hoping we can meet again in the Bahamas this winter.
      I haven't slept for a month, worried about Nancy!

  2. It's gonna be "zeds" from now on! I'm one of those lucky people who can sleep any time, any where. Dan, not so much. It works out well for us cruising, as he always takes the first watch while I sleep early; then about halfway through the night when he's finally tired enough to sleep, I wake up and relieve him.

    It's been fun AtoZ-ing with you; hoping we'll meet up on the water sometime, somewhere.

    1. Oh, you are very lucky! And yes, the A-Z has been fun - I do hope we can meet in person one day - what larks! - Lucy

  3. I'm what you'd call a natural sleeper -- I can fall asleep when it's dark and I'm awake at first light. It was difficult when we were in Alaska last year and had 24 hours of light. We ended up blacking out our ports with our kayaks (the shades couldn't cut it) and shutting the doors to the aft cabin -- I think it's the first time I slept until 8 am since I was a teenager.

    It's been great getting to know you through the A to Z Challenge(and that's a zed for me as well -- David's ruined me and my American ways). And I'll definitely be following along now that I've found you guys.

    Cheers, Stephanie


    1. Alaska with the never ending sunlight and never ending darkness is a real problem! Matt leaps up at first light on weekends and I want to sleep past 6AM on Saturday morning.
      So glad to have found your blogs and can't wait to see your pictures this summer! -Lucy

  4. Ha! Funny I am reading your last post during a layover to Belgium, after not closing my eyes at all during the red eye! So, to answer your question, no, I do not get Zeds easily, especially in an uncomfortable condition. But, while having spent many uncomfortable nights at sea, wishing I was somewhere more comfortable, even the seat of a plane, I am never complaining about bad sleeping patterns ever again! :-)

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

    1. Being uncomfortable is one thing.... but then when you add "worried about the boat / weather / how the on watch person is doing" it just gets miserable! Thanks for following Liesbet! -Lucy


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