X. eX-cited for the eX-ordinary X-factor anchorage!

A-Z: Our 30 day mission: to bring you a tasty boat life tidbit of the day, washed down with a shot of snarky slang. Boat.Life.Larks.

Elliot Key. We love Elliot Key! From our home port, it's about a 12-hour sail against the Gulf Stream or a multi-day slog down the Intracoastal. To get there, we sail past Cape Florida lighthouse, past Stiltsville, and into Biscayne Bay. The bay is protected and oh so fine for sailing! Arriving at Elliot Key, we anchor in crystal clear water, all smiles.  There are beaches for Hastings to walk on, and a ranger station and campground to explore. If you'd like to experience medieval medicine and have a good old fashion blood letting, you can walk from the campground to the ocean side beach, through the hordes of mosquitos that have been waiting for just the right victim. 

There's a sandbar to explore. Watching the power boats ground and un-ground themselves is free entertainment! (I've run our dinghy aground on this sandbar so it's "provide entertainment for others and then be entertained yourself!")  Stars in the sky and glow worms in the sea. And, when you realize you forgot the dog's food in the car, you can sail back to Miami and re-provision.  (We promise we won't forget your food this time, Hastings!)

We have a new x-factor toy to play with on our upcoming trip. After our two inflatable paddle boards completely unglued themselves at the seam (thankfully on the deck and not 5 miles offshore), we awarded ourselves an epoxy paddleboard. She's gorgeous, she's fast, she'll fit the three of us without sinking, and there are no seams to fail!  

Can't wait to head south in a few weeks....on our way north! 
Beautiful Biscayne Bay: Stiltsville and Cape Florida Lighthouse
Elliot Key beach
Having fun at the sandbar
Peaceful sunsets
You can sail 2 hours to Miami if you'd like, but you'd be better of staying at Elliot Key!
I'm not a "stand up" paddle boarder. I'm a "crouch down and hope for the best" boarder! 
Do you have an X-factor place, person or thing that makes life better? 

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  1. I remember seeing photos of your new paddleboard on FB. It's pretty slick looking. I've never paddleboard before but suspect if I did I'd be a Croucher.

    1. People that stand up (like Matt) are just showing off! - Lucy

  2. Elliot Cay, huh? Thanks for sharing your favorite. We have never been there. I have a lot of X-factor places, sounding similar to yours. The thought of them make me smile, but I would still rather explore a new destination than go back to my favorites (and there is always the worry that things have changed for the worst).

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

    1. Good point! A relative went back to our childhood home and was really sad that the owners had not taken care of it like we did. Sometimes it's best to keep the happy memories and find new favorites. _Lucy

  3. Great pictures! It makes me want to brave the mozzies and check out Elliot Key for myself.

    Cheers, Stephanie


    1. Thanks! We've never had mosquitos on the boat there.... and now remember to wear repellent when visiting shore. Being eaten is a lesson I only need to learn once!

  4. What an adventurous life you lead sailing the high seas on a yacht. Although I love the sea I get extremely sea sick and would never be able to cruise around on a yacht. I have travelled all the way around Australia in a 4WD and caravan (trailer) however. Great job with the A to Z challenge!

    1. Seasickness can be so debilitating! Traveling around Australia with a 4WD and caravan sounds amazing though, I would love to do that one day! Thanks for visiting!-Lucy


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