W. World Wide Wait Wednesday

A-Z: Our 30 day mission: to bring you a tasty boat life tidbit of the day, washed down with a shot of snarky slang. Boat.Life.Larks.

"Windy, ain't it?"
"Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday!"

"Thirsty? Let's go have a drink then!" 

I've been living in the lap of wi-fi luxury. Of course, some wet blanket had to point out the World Wide Web was going to become the World Wide Wait the second we leave the docks. What the Dickens! 

The truth is, when we've travelled before, we simply use less internet and use our phones to tether if need be. What's the damage? Our phone bill is around $40 for the two of us, using data, talk and text. Tethering will use data, but there is no additional charge to tether. 

You can use our referral code and you will get $25 off your first bill, and so will we! Ting phone plan We don't find it cost prohibitive and it's definitely worth it to stay in touch with family and the interwebs. Only real problem is going to be staying off the interwebs enough to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers since we won't be watching it live. Oh, the humanity. 

Daily Dictionary 

  • walking disaster - me! Everything a walking disaster touches turns to bruises, breakages and tears
  • well - very - Im well excited about vacation! 
  • wellies- wellington boots, rain boots
  • wet blanket - negative person raining on your parade
  • what's the damage? what's the cost?
  • what's the score? Whats up?
  • what the Dickens! - Oh my goodness, what is going on! 
  • World Wide Wait - instead of the World Wide Web, cruisers often experience the World Wide Wait! 
  • worship at the porcelain altar - more vomiting! 

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  1. We often use our phone for web access while cruising -- but I just hate typing longer thoughts like blog posts on it. Phone hotspots rock!

    1. I hate even writing short emails from my phone. The hotspot is awesome! - Lucy

  2. $40? Who's you cell phone provider?


    1. We use Ting. https://ting.com/rates?ab=1 The base rate is $6 a line, and then they have buckets of texts, data, and phone- you pay for whichever bucket you use. We have been using the Medium bucket, without curbing our use. It's great because it's a cheaper and I have a personal vendetta against AT&T, our previous provider!

  3. I think $40 for two phones using texts, calls and data is good value at home, let alone when you're sailing!

    1. Debbie, it's great! We switched to a new provider a little while ago and love the savings!

  4. If there is one breed of people being very familiar with the World Wide Wait, it is cruisers. OMG! On the positive side, we have grown a very healthy portion of patience and we are fortunate with the World Wide Wanderings of cell towers. Even with slow 2G reception in remote areas, slow is better than nothing!

    I am very scared of running into series spoilers as well. I love to watch those series when they are totally finished, so I can have a marathon and never have to wait for sequels like normal mortal people!

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

    1. I was so annoyed when I opened Facebook once and there was a spoiler for Downton Abbey! It's sad when you can't go on the internet for fear of spoiling a PBS show about the 1920s!
      Yes, an opportunity for patience - I like your attitude!

  5. I've never heard World Wide Wait before - perfect description. I'm off to check out Ting - sounds like a good deal.

    1. It is a good deal! If you want to sign up, we have a referral code - it will give you $25 off your first bill (or go towards a phone if you need one) (and it gives us $ off our bill!)


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