The Larks of Lord and Lady Muck

A-Z: Our 30 day mission: to bring you a tasty boat life tidbit of the day, washed down with a shot of snarky slang. Boat.Life.Larks.

Here we sit on our boat in a Key Largo anchorage, gaping at the couple having a row on their mega yacht, the Lady Muck. Do they realize that sound travels over water? Let's listen in.....

"'What larks, Pip!' That's what Joe always used to say to me when we were walking the moors."

Estella Muck glares. "Well, Pip, I hardly think that this counts as a lark", she says. "You promised me culture, but I've been led up the garden path; there's not a Macy's to be found. And just yesterday I had to leg it to get away from some loser that looked like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards. I asked her what her hair stylist was thinking and she just blinked at me; the lights were on but no one was home."

"Come Estella, love, we're living the life of Riley here! We are loaded, after all!"

"No, Pip, I've had it, if we stay here I will lose it and wind up in the loony bin!"

"Well, you do look like death warmed up- however, I've had enough of your lip; you are going to have to like this lifestyle or lump it."

"I'll take my lumps over your larks!" Cried Estella as she climbed into the helicopter. "Tell pilot Javier that I'm ready to depart!"

Daily Dictionary

  • lark - 'What larks, Pip!' is a very well known phrase from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. A lark means a good, fun time (or it can be used sarcastically; my personal favorite) Also, in popular culture, "The Larks of the Independence" is a ridiculously popular sailing blog whose authors are as hot as super models. 
  • led up the garden path - to lead someone up the garden path is to promise them an end, but just take the journey without the promised end. Think of a dating couple; one thinks they are getting married, the other is just having a good time!
  • leg it - Run, Forest, Run! 
  • let the dog see the rabbit - Move out of the way so I can see. 
  • life of Riley: someone sailing around the South Pacific is living the life of Riley; having a very lovely time! 
  • lights are on but no ones home: person is present, but not comprehending
  • like it or lump it - take it or leave it
  • lip - talk back
  • loaded - has lots of money. Tiger Woods must be loaded to have such a fancy yacht! 
  • look like death warmed up - You look very ill
  • look like something the cat dragged in - something the cat dragged in does not look appealing to humans! 
  • look like you've been dragged through a hedge backwards - usually in reference to a terrible hair day, a rather frequent occurrence for me!
  • loony, loony bin - crazy person, insane asylum 
  • Lord Muck, Lady Muck - Pompous people
  • lose it - go off the deep end, have a break down 
  • lost the plot - forgotten the main goal. I went shopping for dinner, but then I saw all the Easter candy and lost the plot. 
  • love - term of endearment "How are you, love?" 
  • lush: attractive, or, a drunk! 

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  1. I like how the word "lush" can mean attractive or a drunk. Does that mean you get to pick for yourself after a few beers? :-)



    1. As the night goes on, everyone looks lush to a lush!

  2. I see that Javier made a cameo appearance :-) You do have a great blog name by the way.

    Cheers - Ellen

    1. Thanks Ellen! Javier is never far from my thoughts!


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