T. Take a Tour of the Teak, Ta Very Muchly!

Back in October, Hastings hurt his left leg (tore the ligament in his knee). He had very expensive surgery and was right as rain in short order. (Until he re-injured it a few weeks ago - but now everything is tickety-boo). I placed yoga mats throughout the cockpit to help his old joints.

The yoga mats were OK, but they looked tacky and were nasty when wet; they also slipped around and didn't cover a large area. We started looking at SeaDek (fake, cushy teak) and, after a lot of back and forth (mainly caused by the trouble and strife being a tightwad), we decided to order SeaDek for the cockpit area. This is an area with various steps that Hastings goes up and down like it's going out of style.

We also got SeaDek for the dinghy. We're well chuffed Hastings came up with this idea. The SeaDek is really nice to walk on, gives great traction (perfect for when it's tipping down); and we are tickled pink at how posh it looks!

Tally ho!

Daily Dictionary

  • ta - thank you
  • ta very muchly; ta-ly - thank you very much
  • ta-ta, ta-ta for now - goodbye
  • tacky - not posh, kitschy
  • talk the hind leg off a donkey - someone that talks and talks and talks
  • tally ho! goodbye!
  • throw a wobbly - have a fit, tantrum
  • tickled pink - very pleased
  • tickety boo - everything is fine
  • tightwad - miserly person
  • tipping down - raining very hard
  • trouble and strife - rhyming slang for wife

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  1. It looks posh and comfortable! So nice on the feet... Thanks for expanding my vocabulary. Now I know why Ellen's boat is called Tickety-boo and that it is strongly related to our boat name "Irie". Life is all good! :-)

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

    1. Your former boat and Ellen's boat have such great names.... very positive and uplifting! Life is all good :-) - Lucy

  2. Well done, Hastings!

    Cheers, Stephanie



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