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It was hour 3 of toiling away on the never ending captain's exam. I have many questions. Why did I decide to do the OUPV, Masters, and sailing endorsement in one sitting? Why are there so many questions that I don't remember studying for? What is my name again?

Of course, Matt the humble genius has completed the test. I see the proctor shake Matt's hand and say congratulations, Captain. Matt leaves. The rest of us mere mortals stay. Is Matt going to Mrs. Mac's restaurant without me? I bet he is, the bastard!

I re-focus on doing too much math on a plotting problem. (Actually reading the question could have saved me from this calamity, but who reads anymore?) Dude behind me, who has been testing for 3 hours like the rest of us, stands up and announces, "I Quit! You Win!" The proctor mumbles something about no one is winning, everyone is losing. And dude walks off. I couldn't believe it! Sure, it's 12:30 and Mrs. Mac’s lunch is waiting for us, and she has Hawaiian wedding cake that's to die for... but is it to quit for?

Our favorite restaurant in Key Largo! Matt's been eating the same Mrs. Mac's chicken sandwich since 1994. Well, hopefully not the same one! 
When is it OK to quit? Both Matt and I are quitting our jobs. We've given plenty of notice and our replacements are all lined up; our coworkers are salivating over thoughts of the 'get out, get out now' cake. Our first boat together was a maintenance hog, and we quit working on her after about 8 months. Sometimes, it's best to quit in order to get where you are going. Sometimes, it's a don't let the bastards win mentality that saves the day.

Will quitting our jobs be worth it? What if I hate full-time sailing and want to quit cruising? Will we be queuing up in the unemployment line after spending our last quid? So many questions - only time will tell!

Have you ever quit something and then regretted it? Quit something and only regretted not quitting sooner?

Daily Dictionary

  • Queue - Brits love a good queue! (Why are there so many extra u's and e's in this word?)
  • Quid- one pound (aka one dollar) 

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  1. Quitting can be nerve wracking and the hard part about it is that you never know if it was the right decision until later. I regret not quitting work when we were younger and travelling about.

    Cheers - Ellen

    1. It's really a tough decision to quit good jobs, but hopefully there are other jobs out there, whereas, we may never have this opportunity again. I'm just glad for other people's blogs - otherwise we may never have been inspired to take this journey.

  2. I think you guys are definitely on the right track, quitting the right things (as long as you don't quit the Captain's exam). If you eventually decide to quit cruising, I am sure you will find another job or a charter opportunity (with that license) or... No need to worry. Yet! :-)

    Mark and I wished we quit cruising about a year earlier than we did, since the last year was hell. Other than that, no regrets about all the other quitting we have done.

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

    1. I didn't quit the exam - and passed! Yay! That sucks that the last year was so rough; it's really hard to know when to call it quits; is it a rough patch that will get better, or is it time to move on? But, everything is a learning experience.... and it's all part of the rich tapestry of life!

  3. "Sometimes, it's best to quit in order to get where you are going." Love this, so true! It's so easy to get over-invested when you've already put bunches of energy into something. -- Jaye @ Life Afloat

    1. Yes! It's so hard to know if you are putting good money after bad, or making an investment. Only hindsight is 20/20! Hopefully all our regrets are either learning experiences or good stories to tell over margaritas! Now, why am thinking about margaritas?! - Lucy

    2. With margaritas, it's especially important to know when to quit ;)


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