P. Palaver or Pavlova?

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We have the palaver causing cushions, pears, but no pavlova. Sad. 
When we first moved aboard, I had a lot of sewing to do, starting with the cockpit cushions. I had to watch sailrite videos 1500 times and think about each step. I made a lot of mistakes! I’d talk about packing it in. I would piddle about doing anything else, like popping over to the office to check for packages, doing some pencil pushing, playing gooseberry, planning a proper do, praying that the sewing machine would pack it in; anything! It was quite the palaver. 

Somewhere around the 25th project, the penny dropped and now I find sewing on the boat a piece of cake (which is a good thing, since we recently lost two throw cushions to the wind!)

My giddy aunt am I peckish for some pavlova! Pip, pip, cheerio!

Have you mastered a skill that used to be a palaver and is now a piece of cake? 

Daily Dictionary

  • pack up - packed it in - give up. The printer has finally packed it in (broken down). It’s 5PM and Lucy is ready to pack it in for the day.
  • palaver - big drama over not much
  • pavlova: meringue with whipped cream and fruit. Delicious! Recipe here: http://www.joyofbaking.com/Pavlova.html 
  • peckish - hungry
  • pen pusher / pencil pusher - administrative worker
  • penny dropped - everything became clear, finally understood the point
  • piddle about - mess about
  • piece of cake - easy
  • pip-pip, cherrio! - goodbye (this is often said with a "making fun of the upper class" tone)
  • play gooseberry - third wheel
  • pop in - pop up - pop down: stop by
  • posh: fancy
  • proper do: nicely done event

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  1. If you want to start a war down under, get an Aussie and a Kiwi in the same room and ask who invented pavlova. The correct answer is obviously New Zealand, but Australia tried to take credit from time to time :-) It's a real palaver.

    1. I'll ask them to prove it by baking one each and whoever makes it best is clearly right. Of course, it would just be a rouse to get to eat two pavlovas!

  2. I concur. It was absolutely the Kiwis who invented pavlova but I have no idea why. Peckish or not, I have to pass on the pavlova!



    1. Oh no, you don't like pavlova? More for me! (And yes, of course it was the Kiwis, after all it is usually made with kiwis and strawberries!)

  3. Are you a Kiwi, loving pavlova so much, Lucy? We had a Kiwi friend once make one for us on his boat, but unfortunately, it collapsed on the way over in his dinghy. It still tasted heavenly, though. If something is too much of a palaver, I leave it to others... :-)

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

    1. No, I'm British (living in the US), but pavlova has definitely made it's way to the UK! We have really struggled to make the perfect pavlova. It's either too crunchy, or too soft. My sister makes a perfect one though!


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