J. Javier of all Trades

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Javier! A few years ago, we went on a Lagoon 440 charter in Mexico. Javier was the chef and jack of all trades on the charter. He was wonderful; it was like heaven! On land, you may want a jack of all trades to keep your house going. On the boat, we want a Javier of all trades! There are so many skills to have and to learn when you move aboard: drink making, engine repair, drink making, plumbing repair, drink drinking, fiberglass work, adding solar to keep the drink fridge going, adding a wind generator to power an ice maker for drinks, canvas repair, reorganizing the pantry to make room for more drinks, etc.

The truth is, I'm pretty much treated like a charter guest at home, and Matt is our Javier of all trades.

If your partner isn't as excited about the cruising lifestyle as you are, try a charter.... and then treat your partner like a charter guest! I often see men sailing by themselves and wonder where their partners are. When I see couples sailing together, I often see a petite woman hauling a dirty, heavy anchor, while Joe Bloggs barks orders from the helm. This doesn't seem like a jolly time, at all, in any way.

I'm not suggesting that one person should do all the work while another person asks for more drinks; but whether on a boat, an RV, or a house, if we treated our partners like the bees knees that they are, it would probably take them just a jiffy to have a jumble sale and pack their jellies and towel in response to "sail away with me, honey?" What could be more romantic? After all, there will be drink drinking!

Daily Dictionary

  • Javier - most wonderful person in existence
  • Jack of all trades - person that does a lot!
  • jumble sale - garage sale (Brits also have car boot sales where they gather in a parking lot / field, open up their car trunks (boot) and sell their stuff!)
  • jellies - plastic beach sandals
  • jiffy - the work of a moment
  • joe bloggs - John Doe, random person
  • jolly - a nice time
  • jack - steal
  • jack the lad - young person who thinks outside the box and often annoys his elders
  • jitters- butterflies in the stomach
Is there a Javier of all trades in your life? Or do you have an ad out in search of Javier?

Tune in tomorrow....I think K is going to be for Knickers in a Twist! 
P.S. Hastings is off the infirmary list and gallivanting around like a gazelle - he's irrepressible! 

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  1. Yes, please make tomorrow about knickers in a twist. Another one of my favorite Brit phrases! This Javier fellow sounds fantastic, especially with all of the drinks he makes.

    Cheers - Ellen | http://thecynicalsailor.blogspot.com/2016/04/j-is-for-jetty-nancy-drew-investigates.html

  2. I second the knickers in a twist request (love that one!). We don't have a Javier aboard per se but David can fix just about anything, which is good because I have a talent for breaking just about everything!

    So happy to hear Hastings is feeling better!



    1. I prefer to look at it as "finding weak links that needed to be fixed" rather than "breaking everything"! We're doing important services here! - Lucy


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