G. This Girl's Galley Game has Gone to Pot!

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Hastings lusts for pizza
Hastings loves the dog-approved all-access galley layout
My galley skills are slightly lacking. You could say they've gone to pot. I prefer it if Matt cooks. Matt prefers it if he cooks. Hastings prefers it if Matt cooks. We're all in agreement! But I don't want to die of starvation, some once a year or so I am forced to give it a whirl.

Of course, since I so rarely darken the galley door (there's no door, actually), the first challenge is finding everything. Now, I know where the mugs are, and where the tea is. I can boil water in the electric kettle! But where is the curry powder to make curry? That's a trick question! Why would we have curry powder when Matt prefers to painstakingly grind 25 spices together to make his own? 

So I won't be making curry tonight, I'll be "making" mac and cheese. That won't be hard! All you have to do is turn on the LPG, hold down the nob while lighting the gas. Of course, it's me, so the lighter is on the fritz. Oh, Gordon Bennet! Now the thingy wont stay lit.

An exhausting battle ensues, I give it some welly, and I conquer, until I somehow introduce a tea towel too close to the flame and possibly set it on fire. I wouldn't want to admit to that. Thank goodness the Thai restaurant is so close!

Daily Dictionary

  • Galley - nautical term for kitchen area 
  • Gone to pot - gone badly, gone downhill, descended into a very bad time 
  • Give it a whirl - give it a try 
  • Give it some welly - Give it some force, manhandle it 
  • Welly - a wellington boot; rain boot 
  • Gordon Bennet! old fashioned exclamation
  • Thingy: You know, that thing!

Additional Good G words 

  • Gobsmacked: shocked, open mouthed gaping 
  • Gift of gab: Someone who has the gift of gab will talk your ear off 
  • Gaffer: boss

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  1. I want to eat on your boat! Curry made with freshly ground spices instead from a jar of Patak's curry paste - yummo!

    Cheers - Ellen | http://thecynicalsailor.blogspot.com/2016/04/g-is-for-grounding-nancy-drew.html

    1. I'm very lucky to have a gourmet chef on board that loves to cook! Patak's is pretty yummy though! - Lucy

  2. That sounds like me in the kitchen on any given day... I bet the home-made curry is delicious though! :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

    1. It can't be beat! I'm a big fan of anything I don't have to cook myself :-) - Lucy

  3. Let's talk pizza! I have a great dough recipe (pugliese) that I'm using but the crust is too hard and crisp by the time the top finishes cooking. I'm considering using the broiler to finish it off . . . any thoughts or suggestions?


    1. If you like veggie toppings, I always cook those first in a pan with a little EVOO until they are as cooked as you like. That way when you cook the pizza all that you really need is for the cheese to get melty. This also works for chicken if you swing that way (I make a mean BBQ chicken pizza!). -Matt

      Back when we had a house and a regular gas grill I used to love making grilled pizza. I have yet to crack the code on boat grilled pizza...my little Magma Kettle Grill puts out too much heat even on the lowest setting. I'm considering a small pizza stone, which I think might help my oven even out it's temperature spikes too.


  4. I'm married to a husband who prefers to do the cooking too :) I actually like it that way. I bet the mac and cheese was good though!


  5. Did Hastings get to go to the Thai restaurant with you? Ooops, a little ding in the plan there. :-) I am very happy and fortunate to have a husband who likes to cook and is a master at it! The more I think about it, the more I wonder what I actually did on our boat all those years... I do know I was busy all the time. Probably cleaning up the messes I made...

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

    1. I called ahead for take-out so Hastings was only alone for a few minutes - I don't think he noticed! And he got a little rice, which was better than the homelessness and hunger he almost got to experience, lol!
      I do often wonder what I actually contribute to the household since Matt does the cooking and masterminds all the projects - seems much more vital to the operation than the sewing and staring I do! - Lucy


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