C. Crickey! It's a Case of the Collywobbles

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I am often beset by various cases of collywobbles. Collywobbles = the anxiety I feel about tomorrow, the day I take the USCG Coast Guard Captain's exam. (Check out the C Concentration! I'm chuffed!) Have I studied enough? Too much? What if I forget everything the second I look at the test? Crickey! Collywobbles are like Tribbles; they multiply unhelpfully causing a downward spiral; I keep telling them "NO", but they suck me in, every time.

Learning to dive? Collywobbles. Will the water be cold? Collywobbles. What if we get struck by lightning? The list is basically endless. If I fail the exams, it's curtains for me; this course wasn't cheap as chips. Oh, crumbs!

The best plan is to give my collywobbles the cold shoulder and tell them that they are a load of codswallop. After all, I'm the cat's pajamas! The cat's pajamas with a Captain's license, no less!  

So, cheerio old chap, I'm off to prepare to be chuffed at tomorrow's stunning success! Cheers!

Study, Study! 

Daily Dictionary

  • Cat's pajamas: The bees knees, the best thing ever! 
  • Chap: dear fellow, friend
  • Cheap as chips: Inexpensive. Chips (aka steak fries) are cheap!
  • Chuffed: happy, pleased
  • Cheers: a few meanings, thank you, drinking greeting, good bye
  • Cherrio: good bye
  • Cold shoulder: ignore, turn away from
  • Crickey! exclamation. See crumbs! 
  • Crumbs: exclamation of surprise. my goodness!
  • Curtains: its over, done, kaput. 
  • Collywobbles: nervous anxiety, butterflies in the tummy 

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  2. I'm going to work collywobbles into every conversation I have today. It's such a fun word and even more fun when you say it out loud!

    Cheers - Ellen | http://thecynicalsailor.blogspot.co.nz/2016/04/c-is-for-catamaran-nancy-drew.html

    1. It's one of my favorites! And when you admit you have the collywobbles, the ensuing giggles erase the anxiety!

    2. Ellen, you need to add "cattywhompus" to your list too! Means all splat in the middle of everything, in the way.

  3. Okay, I can't believe how many British slang words that start with the same letter that you're able to fit into one blog post -- it's absolutely amazing! And I'm with Ellen, I'm going to say collywobbles all day long today because it just sounds right (along with crickey and chuffed).

    1. It is amazing how much slang there is- and if you add it rhyming slang and naughty words, it's a very long list indeed! Lucy

  4. I do have anxiety, but I think collywobles is a much better term :D I like it. It sounds like I have exotic pets. Like Tribbles. :D

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

  5. Oh, my, how did I miss this yesterday? Collywobbles. COLLYWOBBLES! Uh, CAP'N Collywobbles?


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